Wednesday, November 1, 2017

Vote YES on Proposition #1 for a NYS Constitutional Convention

Tuesday November 7, 2017
Vote YES on Proposition #1
NYS Constitutional Convention
Why We Need a Constitutional Convention
  • Every 20 years the public is being given the rare opportunity to enact legislation by Constitutional Convention
  • The public never gets to write amendments and must rely on elected officials who may not be able to or are unwilling to do so
  • Amendments and revisions are only presented to the public if the legislature votes to do so two consecutive years in a row. 
  • The last voter approved revisions made by Convention were in 1938 
  • Defend against corruption in Albany and restructure the legislature
  • There are no provisions to recall corrupt, ineffective or incapacitated legislators
  • Legislative changes such as term limits are never written to target elected officials, reforms will never be added that weaken those in power
  • Voter reforms are needed to establish shorter registration times, nonpartisan control of election boards, early voting and absentee voting with no excuses required
  • Judicial reforms to simplify the courts and provide speedy a trail
  • Protections to those immigrants living in the state
  • Update Women's rights
  • Update Environmental Protections
  • Home rule for NYC and other local governments
  • The most important changes to the Constitution were made by Constitutional Convention not Legislation
  • Are you frustrated with New York State government?
  • Are you tired of waiting for change that never comes?
  • The best chance for progress is by public action to modernize the State Constitution
Vote yes to constitutional convention, other proposals on back of the ballot

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